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Benefits of Stevia

Benefits of Stevia

Stevia has host of medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Used since ancient times over 1500 years by Guarani Indians in addition to the use as sweetener.

Stevia leaves features medicinal benefits including regulating blood sugar, prevent hypertension, treatment of skin disorders, prevention of tooth decay etc.

Many people think they have to give up sweets in order to lose or maintain their weight or maintain their blood sugar (people with diabetes). However, low-calorie sweeteners such as Stevia sweeteners offer a way to reduce calories in sweet tasting foods and beverages, which may help you, manage your weight. They also offer a way for people with diabetes to decrease overall carbohydrate intake.

It has no Neurological or renal side effects that are generally associated with artificial sweeteners. It is Zero Calorie hence Zero Compromise, Zero Glycemic Index hence no effect on blood sugar levels, Zero Carbohydrates hence Zero Worry, Zero Gluten hence sure and safe health. Suits all ages, including Diabetics, Obese, Children and Pregnant Women

The phytochemical obtained from Stevia is considered to be the best alternate source for people with diabetes and obesity as it has Zero calories, Zero Carbohydrates and Zero Glycemic index.

  • Origins from South America
  • Used since ancient timesover 1500 years
  • Suits all ages including Diabetics, Obese, Children and Pregnant Women
  • Zero Calorie - Zero Compromise
  • Zero Carbohydrates - Zero Worry
  • Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Microbial
  • Acts as Digestive Tonic, Relieves Upset Stomach
  • Improves Blood Coagulation, Cells Regeration and Skin Tone.
  • Contain Vitamins like C, A, Zn, Mg, Mn etc.
  • Approved in over 150 countries and counting...
  • Natural and No Side Effects
  • Unlike artificial sweeteners, Zero Neurological or Renal Side Effects.
  • Zero Glycemic Index - No Effects on Blood Sugar
  • Zero Gluten - Safe and Sure Health
  • Non-Carcinogenic and Non-Toxic
  • Strenthens Blood Vessels
  • Prevents Cavities and Improves Dental Hygiene
  • Stevia - "The Sweet Tulsi" loaded with Medicinal Values

Diabetes and Stevia - Stevia and other low-calorie sweeteners provide sweet-tasting, low-carbohydrate options for people with diabetes. Research shows that consuming Stevia sweeteners does not increase blood glucose levels.

Helps in Oral Health - A stevia leaf placed in the mouth is sweet and delicious and will help to make one’s breath fresh and clean. The glycosides inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and some viruses.

Stevia and Weight Gain - Stevia sweeteners are low in calories and do not cause increased weight, appetite or preference for sweet tasting foods. Using low-calorie sweeteners in place of those with calories, such as sugar, can help you to consume fewer calories overall, helping you stay within your intended calorie intake. In other words, they help you to maintain your weight by balancing the calories you eat and drink with the calories you burn through physical activity and other day to day tasks. If weight loss is desired, then the calories you eat and drink must be less than the calorie you burns.

Helps to Quit Smoking - While there is no research to support the claim, people have stated that placing stevia leaves in the mouth significantly reduced their desire to smoke, enabling them to quit smoking without drugs or discomfort.

Reduction In calories Intake - Stevia sweeteners and other low-calorie sweeteners add sweetness to foods and beverages without adding a significant amount of calories. Therefore, Stevia sweeteners can expand food choices for people who want to consume fewer calories.

Consumption of Stevia sweeteners among Children - Stevia sweeteners are safe and useful options for children and adolescents, and can be included as part of a balanced diet rich in nutrients. Incorporating some low-calorie, sugar-free foods and beverages into meals and snacks is one way to avoid consuming excess calories. Health professionals, including registered dietitians (RD), can help parents make the best choices based on their child’s individual calorie and nutrition needs.

Consumption of Stevia sweeteners among Pregnant and Breast Feeding Woman - Research has shown that Stevia sweeteners are safe for expecting or nursing mothers when consumed as part of a healthful diet. For women who consume foods and beverages containing low-calorie sweeteners, talk to your doctor or RD about consuming the necessary calories and nutrients for your baby’s growth.

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